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Claustrophobic and ex-Catholic;

I don't want to knock anyone's religion, but...

George Harrison (Pirate extraordinaire)
25 February
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PrologueFame, and its priceRainy Day, and Gale in the pastGale in the present
George Harrison was born in economically depressed Liverpool, north England. The most a man could accomplish there was to join the Navy or find himself working on ships at the docks, if not as an engineer then as a fisherman. George lived an average life, giving him not much reason to expect more than the hand he had been dealt. However, becoming inspired at an early age by his father's collection of rock n' roll records, he knew instantly that he was meant to be a guitarist and nothing more. He had become an accomplished guitarist by time he was a teenager, and with the help of his childhood friend joined his first band: The Quarrymen. After years of member and name changes, traveling to Germany to seek fame and stardom, and struggling for success, The Beatles were discovered by producer Brian Epstein in a basement club, and George's life would take an exciting 180 degree turn.It took only a few albums before the Beatles became a national success, and by time George saw his twenty-first birthday, they were taking America by storm. It was almost too easy for these four boys from a no-name town in England, and they drank eagerly from the cup of success, knowing not to pass up their chance to enjoy the spotlight, something that Liverpudlians rarely if ever were given. Drug use came easily, first in the form of pot, then later to psychedelics, and eventually George became a regular user, his curiousity always outshining his better judgment. At age twenty-three he survived a stabbing incident in his home in the middle of the night by a crazed fanatic and thus began a slow downward spiral into anxiety and depression. The band's manager died a year later from a drug overdose, which only caused the guitarist to sink deeper into his troubles. By twenty-five he had become a sex and drug addict plagued by his weak emotional core, making him vulnerable to his depression and anxiety, and was diagnosed with HPPD (Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder) from his abuse of psychedelics. Finally deciding to take matters into his own hands, he approached a doctor for help.In mid-October, George found himself in America, admitted into Rainy Day Psychiatric Hospital. It seemed to be a bit of a stretch for his conditions, but his doctor had felt that a simple rehab clinic wouldn't cover all of the bases, plus the likelihood of 'going into hiding' in America would lessen his chances of being bombarded by the press. Unfortunately, his wife filed for divorce soon afterward, leaving the purpose of arriving to the hospital considerably defeated, but George decided to stay; fate would reward him practically immediately after with a new lover, his doctor Gregory House, a man fresh out of medical school working on an internship to obtain his license to practice. George spent the following four months in the hospital struggling through hallucinations, suicide attempts, and attacks upon him spanning between physical abuse to emotional, and even worse. After being kidnapped by said attacker and (relatively) safely returned (thanks to House), George's primary doctor back home in England caught wind of the kidnapping and attacks and forced a transfer for George to a new hospital (much to the musician's initial dismay).

George then found himself in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Gale Hospital and Rehab Center to continue down the road to recovery. As a live-in rehab clinc patient, he was given an opportunity to avoid the need to live out in the open, and felt more comfortable in a controlled environment despite his distaste for hospitals.
His journey through recovery had been promising (such as giving him the means to overcome his history of abuse from fellow patient Hannibal Lecter and through a string of impossible events, slowly began to befriended him) and when Doctor House was able to secure a job in nearby New Jersey, it looked as though not only George would go with him, but could be discharged from medical care to live a quiet, normal life away from fame and music for a while. Unfortunately, it was not to be when House and he began to drift in the many weeks that they spent setting up their grand plan, with House closing George out and the Beatle himself feeling no longer connected to him, after having changed so much. It would end in House breaking it off, insisting George could not go to live with him, despite some vague, lingering feelings they shared for each other.

George now lives in the hospital newly single, somewhat set back in his recovery due to the loss of his partner of over two years, and trying to fight off old demons that he can as of recently feel clawing at him.


Name: George Harrison
Age: 27
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 145 lbs
Horoscope: Pisces
Native country: England, UK
Occupation: Guitarist/partial singer/songwriter for the Beatles
Interests: See interests list
Dislikes: Stalkers, hippies, violence, war, politics.

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I am not nor do I claim to be George Harrison; this is for roleplay purposes only.
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